Nice place to live

- Shy Kendrick
I really like this conmunity and being the first person to live in our apartment. This is a quiet community and I truly enjoyed working with Latosha Curley in thw office. I am truly sad that she is gone and I hope she can come back. She was partly the reason why we moved here. We really love her personality. We only have 3 issues with our apartment. 1) Being able to hear when our upstairs neighbors use their dryer. Not good when our childrens bedroom is next to the laundry room. 2) There is a half inch gap between the bottom of the from door and the floor. 3) Having to leave the kitchen and walk around the counter almost to the front door just to turn on the kitchen light. It would have made more sense to have the switch next to the pantry instead of by the front door. Aside from these few issues this is a great place to live.